After 17 years of Regularity, dedicated to cars built between 1930 and 1965, and many destinations throughout Europe, THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR® 2017 breaks new ground to develop a short and stunning stroll of pre-war vehicles.

The category of cars, as it is known, isn’t blessed in our Country. We have triggered this beautiful opportunity to pay tribute to these glorious years of Automobile history by allowing the pre-war aficionados to enjoy their passion behind the wheel of their magnificent cars.

Our country was lacking such a rally, and we considered it was time to fill this gap.

We will keep the same high standards of organisation as in the past, paying special attention to roads and landscapes of course, as well as to culture, hospitality and gastronomy.

The number of vehicles will be limited so as to ensure conviviality, great atmosphere and rich exchanges between participants, in a different spirit than the other gatherings, yet by adding a “ British” feeling that we so dearly appreciate.

The date has been chosen to allow everyone to enjoy his or her cabriolets or “ specials”, although we know for a fact that the weather is an unpredictable asset in our sweet country.

You will find enclosed the detailed program. We are confident the elite will not fail to be present on the departure line at the end of August 2017.

We look forward to welcoming you on our first “ THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR � PRE WAR CARS”. We are at your disposal for any information inquiry.



Jacques Bruyns


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